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Course Description: Basic fire safety (English version of the "Grunnleggende brannvern" course)


Target Audience: Employees of companies and organizations, as well as regular building users


Participation Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary.


Course Content:

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of fire prevention and firefighting. Through the course, participants will learn about:

  • Basic Fire Prevention: How to identify and reduce fire risks.
  • Causes of Fire: Common sources of fire and how to avoid them.
  • Passive Fire Protection Measures: Building solutions that limit fire spread.
  • Fire Detection: Different types of alarms and detection systems that detect fires.
  • Automatic Suppression Systems: Systems that activate automatically in case of fire, such as sprinkler systems.
  • Manual Firefighting: Use of fire extinguishers and other manual methods.
  • Actions in Case of Fire: What to do if a fire occurs, including evacuation routines and alerting authorities.
  • Final Exam: The course concludes with an exam to ensure participants have understood and remember the key elements of the course.


Upon passing the exam, participants will receive a certificate via email.


Duration: Approximately 30 minutes.


This course is essential to ensure that employees and regular building users are well-prepared to prevent fires and act correctly in case a fire occurs. Through this training, we help create safer workplaces and buildings.

Basic fire safety

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